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Dr. Yvonne Craiger, Veterinarian

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About Us
Sumpter Pet Care, PLLC, a small animal veterinary office, permanently closed it's doors in December, 2016.  Vaccine Clinics may be held from time to time, and will be posted on our website when scheduled.

Clients may pick up their pets' charts at Noah's Ark Veterinary Hospital in Willis, Michigan during their open hours.
Our on-line store continues to be open at this time.  
Dr. Craiger now works as Associate Veterinarian at ACE Animal Clinic, Inc. in Westland, Michigan.  You can call for an appointment with her at 734-595-6500.
Our On-Line Store
Our on-line store is through Vet's First Choice.  You can phone them at 888-606-3336 or you can go to our store by clicking the icon below or going to ​ and typing in Sumpter Pet Care, PLLC as the store you want to shop.
  1. Dr. Craiger can be seen by appointment at ACE Animal Clinic in Westland, Michigan. Phone 734-595-6500.
    Dr. Yvonne Craiger
    Dr. Yvonne Craiger
  2. Dr. Craiger will be holding a Vaccine Clinic FOR DOGS ONLY on Sunday, April 9, 2017 from 1pm to 4pm at: 19435 Sumpter Road, Ste. 2. Belleville, MI 48111 Prices for vaccines will be: $15 for Rabies* Vaccine, $20 for DHPP Vaccine, or $25 for DHPP-L4 Vaccine. No other vaccines will be available at this clinic. Payment is Cash Only. (*Rabies vaccine will be for 1 year unless proof of previous Rabies Vaccine administration is provided.)
    Dr. Yvonne Craiger
    Dr. Yvonne Craiger